Falco K9 Academy

Human Training for Your Dog


HDT Certified Program

Welcome to your opportunity to be a member of The HDT System. This is an offer that will only be available to YOU bec...

$5,999.00 USD

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FALCO - Walking with God and a Dog - FREE Download

FALCO was a police canine for the Anaheim Police Department in California. This dog would have an extraordinary impac...


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Day to Day Dog Training

This program addresses many of the most common issues dog owners experience with their dogs. This can be everything f...

$9.99 USD

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Dog Park Etiquette 101

Welcome to Falco K9's Dog Park Etiquette 101. This program is for ANYONE who is considering or who is already taking ...

$9.99 USD

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7-week Dog Owner Training Course

Welcome to Falco K9 Academy's famous 7-week program for ALL dog owners. This program has been featured on National Go...

$79.00 USD

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German Shepherd Dog Rescue and Shelter Training Course

This video training course is for anyone who works with German Shepherd Dogs in a rescue or shelter environement. Thi...

$2.99 USD

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Feeding Raw and Natural and Recipes

Do not miss the opportunity to get into this program at this very low price. While we are expanding the contents we a...

$7.00 USD

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Bed Bug Detection Dog Training 2016

Welcome to Falco K9 Academy's Bed Bug Detection Dog Training Course! This is the next phase of our launch and we are ...

2 monthly payments of $125.00 USD

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Train the Dog Trainer Course

This is a great program for new dog trainers or veterans. We will be visiting many areas of the dog training business...

$475.00 USD

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Here's What You'll Learn To Make You and Your Dog Healthier Team

Training Systems

Learn what training system is best for your dog.

Dog Care

Learn how to properly care for your dog and know when he is happy or sad.

Dog Nutrition

What you put in your dog's bowl can change everything. From overall health to behavior issues.

Falco Fitness

A complete exercise Regimen that is great for both human and dog alike.

Dog Communication

It is extememly important for your dog to understand you and understand what your dog is telling you.

Dog Behavior and Dog selection

Dog behavior is unitque from dog to dog and breed to breed... dog selection is so important for you and your family.