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Beginning of Falco K9 Academy Part 3

The Creation of Falco K9 Academy
There is no doubt Falco saved our lives on that day. It is because of him I am allowed to see my beautiful daughter grow to be a beautiful successful woman and my son grow up to be a successful husband and provider. It is because of Falco I can continue to do all the things I want to do on this wondrous planet. One of which is training humans to respect their dogs.

It is also because of Falco that I have developed a passion for training humans and dogs. On the day Falco died (1997) I promised him I would honor his life by developing dog training company that treated dogs with respect and I would teach their handlers and owners to have respect for their dogs.

Although I had been the in-house trainer for the Anaheim Police Department since 1993 and trained friends and families dogs for fun I didn’t really start treating my hobby as a business until 1997. And in honor of Falco and also to remind me of my promise to him, I created Falco K9 Academy.

My main goal with Falco K9 Academy, in the beginning, was to train Police Dogs and their handlers without the harsh methods I was trained to use. I vowed to outlaw sharpened pinch collars, tazers, cattle prods and sticks to hit the dogs with by anyone at Falco. If any handler were seen using any of these tools or any other inappropriate method they will be removed from the detail. In addition, we would use a reward-based system when possible and keep corrections to a minimum.

Well just as I suspected, our method has worked masterfully. The dogs that are in service for the departments we train for are hardworking reliable K9’s. The handlers also enjoy the training and they are receiving training that is above and beyond what they have or could have received at any other training facility. I believe one of the reasons our method works so well is that the dogs (and handlers) work hard for the rewards that can be gained for being correct as opposed working to avoid discomfort or those things that can be lost for being wrong.

Falco K9 Academy is in Brea, California and has not only become famous for our training of service dogs but also for training your pet dogs. We have a full service training academy for all types of training. There are group classes, board and training for those owners who don’t have the time or skill, and private training. We also import and select dogs for individuals who have special wants and needs. We have special classes for sport dogs, home protection or even aggressive dogs that shouldn’t be.

One of the most recent and exciting training academy’s we have put together is the training of dogs for Mold Detection and Bed Bug Detection. These are unique in that we actually train you and your dog in a skill you actually make money at. We will not only train your dog to search for and alert to the presence of mold or bed bugs but we will teach you how to conduct and market your own inspection business. This is an exciting opportunity for dog owners. Starting part time if you want, you can start at the ground floor of a new and exciting business. At this point there are less than a handful of Mold and Bed Bug Detection Dog handlers and the only such training academy in California…Falco K9 Academy.

For more information in any of our training programs visit www.FalcoK9Academy.com or email admin@falcoK9academy.com